Exhilarate the mind and capture the heart


At the heart of Batangas, at the wind swept shores of Laiya, lies exotic and alluring Club Laiya, a private beachside getaway that will exhilarate the mind and capture the heart.

Club Laiya’s contemporary design and sophisticated amenities beautifully intermingle with the inviting call of the sea, to create exceptional and memorable experiences. Club Laiya sets a leisure standard that is reserved for those who only settle for the best.

Themed beach settings that surprise and excite, gastronomy that delights, and for the thrill-seeker, water sports that test your mettle and your spirit of adventure.

Lush garden spaces and promenades that enliven the spirit. One of a kind events that create memorable escapes.

Club Laiya is at the same time a tourist and business hub, where you can expand your interests and enjoyments, while being at the helm of your respective businesses. Modern infrastructure and technology enable you to enjoy your adventures while managing business concerns, effortlessly.

Club Laiya
The resort community of tomorrow, now rising.

Club Laiya.
Get an edge on life.

23-hectare Leisure Tourism Estate divided into two (2) districts

Seaside District

The residential-commercial district of Club Laiya, where premium beachside leisure living is a standard. This district aims to be the central area for Laiya tourists. The Seaside District will host a variety of amenities and commercial establishments, all designed to serve and sustain leisure living in Club Laiya.

Premier District

The Premier District is a beachside forest community with access to Club Laiya’s expansive white beach and cobalt blue waters. It is a master-planned residential development designed to blend well with its natural environment.

Features and Amenities

  • Sports Hub
  • Events Hub
  • Iconic Guardhouse
  • Community Guest Pool
  • Residents’ Lighted Exclusive Pool
  • Perimeter Eco-Trail
  • Decorative Walkable Blue Streets
  • Boardwalk
  • Community Plaza
  • Club Parks
  • Jet ski Slipway
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Quick Facts

Seaside Properties

Total Land Area 10.5 has
Lot Area 300 sqm- 3,150 sqm

Premier Properties

Total Land Area 12.4 has
Lot Area 300-529 sqm